Simplest way to make web applications with gestures

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The Framework

The framework gives access to:

Kinesis leverages technologies web developers already know best HTML/CSS/JavaScript. So you can reuse your existing code and existing team to build gesture enabled applications.

How to get started?

Similar to other JS libraries, just add the JS file to the HTML source.

<script src="kinesis-sdk.min.js"></script>

Along side that, install the Kinect for Windows SDK available from

You can run the Microsoft Kinect and the Kinesis Native component using VMWare or Parallels.


For development purposes, a Kinect Simulator is available on the following platforms.



You can download the SDK and the Simulator for both Windows and OS X from the download links below.


Mac OS X

Authors and Contributors (Alphabetically)

Achal Aggarwal (@achalaggarwal)
Bhavesh Dhupar (@bhavesh)
Payal Gupta (@payalgupta)